Who We Are

Better Bettas Rescue (BBR) started in December 2019, originally named Shell & Fins Rescue, where I rescued and rehomed betta fish, hermit crabs, and various other small animals. I ran SFR until October 2021 when I had some life changes. Fast-forward to March 2022, I have reopened the rescue under the new name, Better Bettas Rescue, where I am focusing mostly on rescuing betta fish in sunny Arizona.

Animals Rescued Since 2019

Why Adopt?


You give a mistreated animal a new chance at life


You support BBR in rescuing more animals


You show pet stores that you do not support breeding mills


You can educate others about the importance of rescue and proper pet care


You gain a new best friend

Betta Tips

Sponge filters are cheap, easy to use and clean, and provide a gentle flow for your betta. They are a favorite amongst serious hobbyists and breeders, and are a staple at BBR. 

Learn more about sponge filters here.

All bettas need heaters, even out here in Arizona! Bettas are tropical fish and can become lethargic and ill from being in cold water. They are tropical fish and require their water kept around 78 degrees.  

Learn more about heating here.

Most bettas can live with tetras, cories, snails, shrimp, and other peaceful species. Avoid colorful flashy fish and consider your aquarium’s size when adding more animals.

 Learn more about betta tankmates here.

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